We should all be worried about the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind in the world today. Everything that we do has an impact on our environment and we should be mindful of that. Preservation of the environment has become a big agenda of every segment of the global economies and the roofing industry is doing its bit to contribute.

Roofing industry has come up with something called sustainable roof. Now what is sustainable roof and how does it work? Sustainable roofs are the ones that during their design, construction, rehabilitation, or demolishment look to make optimized used of natural resources and preserves the quality of the environment. There are so many sustainable roofing solutions available on soprema.ca. However, if you are looking to make your existing roofs sustainable then here are a few tips that you can consider.

Tip 1: Think About Energy

Most people think that sustainable roofs focus only on preserving of energy. They are built with the intent of conserving energy by using insulation technologies and keeping the indoors cooler so that use of air condition systems can be reduced. However, sustainable roofs can also produce energy. This can be done by installing solar panels or solar tubes in the roof. This way the roof not only conserves energy but also produces clean energy.

Tip 2: Think About Water

Water is another important element in sustainable roofs. You can modify your roof to be able collect storm water or rain water and direct it to an aqueduct where it can be stored for long time. The water from this aqueduct can later on be used for landscaping purposes. In some regions this water can be filtered and used for drinking purposes.

Tip 3: Think About Temperature

Our urban areas are struggling with heal island condition where each commercial property is becoming sort of an island that is generating a lot of heat. This heat is generally a result of the air conditioning systems that are installed in these properties. To reduce this effect you need to be able to maintain cool indoor temperatures. This is possible by using insulation systems along with compounds that reflect the UV and infrared radiation from the sun. This way the insides remain cooler and you don’t need to use air conditioning systems.

We all can do out little bit in conserving our environment by accepting sustainable roofing as a necessity.


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