Do you want to add a form to your business website or publish one on social media? Maybe you’re hoping to entice visitors into signing up to your newsletter, or want to send out a questionnaire to learn more about your target market?

As you’re probably aware there are lots of ways that online forms can be useful to businesses and even impact your bottom line – but first you need to build them. That can be difficult if you don’t have experience with code, which is why using AidaForm could make a huge difference.

“Why AidaForm?”

In a nutshell AidaForm is a HTML form generator that will let you build forms within its graphical interface by assembling blocks with the fields you want to add. It won’t require you to touch any code whatsoever, and when you’re done structuring the form and customizing its appearance the HTML will be automatically generated for you.

Aside from providing an easy and intuitive way to build forms, AidaForm is powerful and versatile. With it you will be able to fully customize your form’s design and purpose-build different types of online forms to use in different parts of your business.

Overall you should have no problems building any type of form that you require using AidaForm. It will enable you to explore numerous options and take advantage of online forms for market research, feedback, order and payment processing, job applications, lead generation, and many other areas.


Within AidaForm you’ll find a wide range of features that are a big part of the reason it is so versatile. To be more specific, its features will enable you to:

  • Select a pre-built template to create the type of form you need more quickly.
  • Add various types of fields for different purposes including dates, multiple-choice questions, dropdown lists, and more.
  • Insert specialized fields that will let you process Paypal payments, select locations on Google Maps, upload files to attach to the form, and more.
  • Apply themes to make your form look more unique, and then customize it as required.
  • Opt to either export the form as HTML code or by linking to it directly.
  • Analyze the data that is collected via your forms in the web interface with the help of informative data visualizations.
  • Export data to be used in other software in formats such as Excel documents or Google Sheets.

Although that barely scratches the surface of AidaForm’s features, you should be starting to see how powerful it is. If you’d like a closer look you should go ahead and try creating a form using it, as that way you can explore all its features, see what they do, and discover how intuitively it will let you build and customize online forms.

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