Freight carriers have a lot to consider. Every time a shipment is loaded to another destination, there is a big chance that the container or truck may come back vacant. For regular carriers, this can be a major loss with every other. To make the most of it, they need to find loads and shipments in time, but with limited contacts in a new city or state, the options are quite limited. With Free Freight Search and loadboard, shippers, freight brokers can get in touch with carriers in a short time. Below are some of the things you need to know about load boards.

What’s a load board?

A load board is a simple example of how technology can make an industry more efficient. Load boards are simple websites that offer a platform for carriers and shippers to connect to one another. The carriers can post about free trucks and containers for a given location, while the shippers can post about their loads and other requirements. The websites are intended to be a public platform for the industry, so that operations can be eased for all concerning parties. Some load boards are paid, while others are free. Because a load board is paid doesn’t meant it works better. Many free truck load boards work better and have more options for everyone involved.

What to expect?

Load boards are meant to be simple, and regardless of whether they are paid or not, these require the user to sign up. You can post loads, available trucks and specific requirements, depending on which side of the business you work in. Also, some of the websites allow invoice factoring for carriers, so that they can get quick loans against their pending invoices. You can expect to get a loan for the bills that are yet to be paid by your debtors. Load boards often connect a matching load with the available truck in real time, by sending emails to the concerning parties. Some even have thousands of free freight broker credit reports, which can come handy for shippers that are trying to establish their business.


If you have any concerns related to a load board, try to contact their customer team, and you can understand more about their support and services better. The website must be easy to use, and you should have access to your account on the go. Check a few options to know more.

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