Sometimes a business is in a transitional phase. This can happen when major changes are underway, or when the business is new. Even when everything is not established yet, business owners need a place to work. They may also need extra staff. When starting a business, there may be nothing other than a computer in a home office. When growth occurs, this does not suffice. Serviced offices are great for helping companies get through transitional times.

Short-Term Leases

Office space is often leased by a company. During a transition, however, the perfect area may not have been located yet. The monetary funding to commit to a long-term lease may also not be available yet. A serviced office in Sydney often comes with a short-term lease. This is great for business owners who are waiting on a loan, waiting on construction, or still looking for a permanent space. This short-term arrangement can help you avoid a financial commitment that you may not be ready for, as well. This affordable option is great when finances are tight.


When it comes to running a business, office equipment is a major expense. It can take time to get the money together to fully outfit an office with computers, copiers, and furniture. Offices that are fully serviced already have these items available. There is nothing for you to do but show up to work. This can be a relief for new business owners that need some time to order everything for their new office. A home based business can easily grow faster than expected, as well. This can catch owners off-guard. They must find a temporary solution while making new arrangements.


Many businesses that are in transition already have employees. If you do not have enough people, serviced offices can be fully staffed. This is much like hiring from a temp company. The staff can help with tasks like data entry, payroll, and project organisation. During your time in the building, your business can keep moving and growing without worry. The staff is there to pick up where you left off at your last location. Take the time to research the company you choose. This can help you find one that has staff with the office experience that you need.

These excellent office options can help out in a variety of situations. Transitional times may include a financial setback, a damaged office space, or a new business. A serviced space offers everything you are used to having in your office without a long-term commitment. If your office suffered fire damage, for example, your business could easily keep running on a normal schedule. The office is set up to accommodate many office activities, including meetings, desk work, and copy room needs. Take the time to see what these offices have to offer.

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