Replacing windows is an easy process. If your windows are installed incorrectly, you will have to face a lot of issues such as loss of energy efficiency and air seepage. Also, some windows are equipped with an installation warranty that may become void when you don’t hire an installation professional or do it wrong. Usually, it is a good idea to hire a window replacement professional. And when looking for the best Orlando home window replacement service company, the tips below can help you.

Decide which Window Type You Want in Advance

You can only have a successful window replacement if you find the right windows for your home in advance. A lot of window installers specialize in a kind of window so contacting the right professional requires you to decide on things in advance. For instance, if you want to install an energy-efficient window, a fiberglass or PVC window might be best for you. Knowing what you want ahead of time will better prepare you as you ask questions to the window installer. This can certainly save you lots of money and headaches.

Get References and Verify them

In terms of references, you should check those provided by the window maker and installer. You want to ensure you choose a window made by a reputable company like All Amercian Exteriors Custom Windows and installed by a dependable installer. Ask to see some photos of other jobs the installer have carried out before. Make sure you ask how long they have been operating. Ideally, you will want to hire a company with at least five years of experience.

Obtain Three Bids or More

Getting bids is not just about the prices. Bids must also specify the products and materials which will be used by the installer. Also, the bids include the labor and materials included or not included in the price. In fact, through the bids you know when the project will be started and finished. Keep in mind that getting more specific bids is always better to prevent problems from occurring later. Also, ask for bids which include the payment terms. Avoid paying the full amount up front, regardless of how much discount the company offers. Make sure you know Florida’s laws in terms of down payment limits contractors can charge customers.

Check the License

Before starting the window replacement project, know if a permit is required by your local jurisdiction and that the installer has the license for this kind of work. If your state requires this, request the company’s license number and check to see if there are current or past complaints against them.  Also, ensure the insurance policy of the installer is up-to-date.

Remember to Read the Contract’s Fine Print

After your windows are installed, they may encounter issues down the line. Make sure that the warranty covers these. Typically, experienced window replacement technicians will give you a 10-year warranty. Also, the company must provide at least a couple of years of some type of workmanship warranty.

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