The expanding cloud platform comes with a lot to valuable features to aid businesses interested in gaining a competitive edge with latest technology. Azure is a maturing and emerging platform that is worth to consider. These are some of the important things that will help in learning how an organization can get maximum benefits out of Azure.

Take a free month trial

Microsoft offers a free trial option of month duration for businesses who are looking to evaluate Azure platform. Once the trial period ends, you will need to upgrade it to “Pay-As-You-Go” to continue use of Azure platform. Microsoft Azure is a trusted portal that automatically calculates the existing charges and predicts likely monthly charges.

Install Azure power shell dependencies and cmdlets

Most of the advanced functionality of Azure is available via PowerShell. So, if you plan to use Azure, then you need to install its power shell cmdlets followed by setting up a safe connection to Azure subscription.

Assign VMS static IP addresses

Azure allocates IP addresses from a pool. It does not assure an address that will be assigned if the VM gets de-assigned from the Azure fabric. To provide same address to VM each and every time it gets started, it is required to form a virtual network inside the web portal. Open a PowerShell console using local administrative privileges and then execute the commands

De-allocate unused resources to reduce charges

The web management portal showcases the VM status as “running”, “stopped” or “de-allocated”. To make sure that charges will not be incurred for VMs that are not being used, de-allocate them with the help of the Shutdown button. This button is present in the web management portal. Shutting down VMs from the operating system does not de-assign resources from the Azure fabric.

Connect onsite network to the Azure Cloud platform

Site to site virtual private network helps in making connection of on-premises network to Azure via IPsec protocol. This needs a dedicated public “IPv4 address”. Point to site VPNs connects individual devices with the help of Windows SSTP VPN client.


The Azure management portal is basically a web interface that offers access to fundamental features, such as configuring virtual networks, provisioning virtual machines and managing storage. The benefits it offers, makes it a wonderful addition to your existing business methodology. However, ensure that you choose the portal provider with utmost care and research well before hiring any company.

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