The first thing that you should know about online marketing is that everything revolves around statistics and results. That is why you should have appropriate report software that will allow you to do it with accuracy.

If you are a client, the best way to understand whether your campaign worked in the first place is to check the analytics so that you can discuss it and change accordingly to reach more conversions.

However, reporting is not that simple, and even though you should check ReportGarden’s Google Adwords dashboard, we will present you things that matter when it comes to AdWords report.

How to Chose Metrics?

Metrics are the basis of any report, and even though you can find hundreds and even thousands in AdWords such as CTR, impressions, clicks, cost per conversions and many more, most marketing experts will use only a few with importance, while others will be just secondary.

However, even though you can find numerous metrics, not all of them are important for the final report. You should focus only on ones that affect your business goal. Creating a good Adwords report is an excellent thing because it will provide valuable client information of campaign success and what you should do to increase the overall effectiveness.

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The main thing that a client wants is to see how much advertising costs and how much he will get in return. By providing this particular data, you will be able to offer him some conversions, cost per acquisition, revenue, the average value per conversion and overall costs.

When it comes to comparing the previous period with the current one, you will be able to reach the information that will help you understand the evolution of the campaign on a short-term basis. However, digital marketing is everything but a short-term strategy.

Sometimes, it will take months for you to achieve wanted results. You will need time to reach a perfect return on investment and optimization for your campaign. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the evolution of primary metrics for an extended period so that you can determine its effectiveness.

Global Communication and Relocation Report

You will notice that Google AdWords feature accurate geo-targeting, which will provide you with a list of specific countries, cities, regions, and even GPS coordinates based on your particular ideas and possibilities.

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At the same time, relocation report is essential because it will provide you with appropriate data so that you can increase the global campaign and communication with other customers than before.

For instance, if you own a hairdressing salon, you can easily target an area of 15 miles around your shop. When you check this particular report, you will be able to precisely see cities where people are looking for your service and how close they are to you.

That way, you can easily make flyers campaign, and start sharing them in specific areas that you have found on analytics. The same thing goes for a national company that features a limited budget.

When they check relocated date from the campaign, they will be able to choose the best spot for an exhibition spot, which will provide you a higher return on investment.


The most important part of your report in the present is analysis, and it is vital for all metrics that you place inside of it. In case that you understood, everything we have mentioned above, you will realize why analysis is critical and how it will help your company to boost marketing campaign with ease.

The main idea of your campaign is to gain high return on investment, and that is why analysis is essential because it will explain you, which keywords have fewer clicks and how to raise the cost per click so that you can compete with targeted keywords that feature fantastic conversion rates.

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Everyone wants to see an explanation on the return on investment and cost per acquisition in the overall report. However, other data can also explain your strategy, daily work as well as evolution and correlation between different metrics you are using.

For instance, if you have a profitable campaign and your client is happy, but that does not mean you should leave it as it is. You should improve the campaign, and even though the client has a limited budget, you will be able to explain to him how to improve the results within the budget and gain higher ROI.

On the other hand, you will also be able to explain to him by providing him analysis, why you think that he should not continue with a specific campaign because some keyword or thematic will not convert.

Reporting is the main thing that will help marketer enter the close relationship with client, and even though this relationship won’t be based only on metrics and analysis, but since they do not know the marketing slang and everything that goes with it, you will give them the ability to understand what you’re doing and your results.


You should understand that AdWords is not a science per se, and since each business market, strategy and client requires some report that will prove your usefulness; you should think about it and provide them the best report possible with all appropriate metrics that we have mentioned above.

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You can choose a wide array of metrics, but use only ones that are relevant to your goals and the ones that matter to your clients. If you select irrelevant things to add, you will create confusion, which will lead your client to stop trusting you. Also, you should believe that trust is the only thing that keeps together marketing expert and client. It is simple as that.

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