After I discovered the Pivot Tables, I figured formulas weren’t needed anymore. The truth is I began to make use of PTs massively within my daily assignments. The very first obstacle I discovered was that lots of old users hated this selection (I believe most of them did not comprehend it and were embarrassed to ask). Furthermore, throughout my utilization of Pivot Tables I discovered other activities not too appealing.

Here’s my list…

Occupies extra space than necessary within the sheet.

Fills the sheet with a lot of posts right. It doesn’t permit you to specify ahead of time which fields you need to show.

It’s not very easy to alter the report layout by dragging and shedding the fields which are already within the drop panel (initially glance you can’t see the border of every field area).

Offers limited formulas functionality within the calculated fields.

Doesn’t permit you to begin to see the source data from the output within the frontend. You have to double click a value to determine the origin data however a sheet is generated.

You can’t affect the layout from the PT report. You can’t add, delete, move posts/rows from the report.

The output isn’t immediately updated to mirror the backend changes.

Getting a study formula associated with a PT report is harmful if somebody alter the PT report layout, the cell reference will be unmanageable.

Getting a study formula associated with a PT report is harmful because the formulas aren’t updated too.

Whenever you double click something within the data place to see its source data, the PT populates your workbook with as numerous sheets as double clicks.


If you wish to not cope with above issues by any means, then you definitely must use pure formula. Excel gets rid of the functions with a couple of workarounds you are able to achieve almost exactly the same PT functionality. Time prohibitive nature of writing numerous formulas on the run is compensated using the advantages it brings. Writing formulas needs time to work however the answers are well worth the effort.

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