Gone are the days when the traditional office setting consisted of only desks, chairs, computers and cabinets – the basics. Throughout the years, employers have thought of ways to increase employee productivity, and one of the solutions was to improve the overall look and comfort of their workplace. Interior design is a significant factor in employee productivity, because who wants to work and produce results in a drab and uninspiring workplace? Employers hire commercial design architects to create a space conducive to productivity, inspiration and amazing work output.


 The latest trend in interior design is providing a big open space for each of the employees’ tables. Partitions are a thing of the past. Employers can better promote camaraderie and teamwork among employees if they can work alongside each other without the constraints of partitions. It is also more accessible for managers to monitor the team if space is open. An open workspace is also conducive to idea sharing among employees and promotes transparency among them.

Ample space for each desk

 Employees should not feel claustrophobic or restrained with minimal space for desks. A good measure is for the employee to have the right amount of space to move around and work at the desk without feeling swamped by other co-workers.

Reception area for visitors

 Good office design has a reception area for visitors. This way employees are not disturbed in their work, and private information is not seen or heard by visitors. Visitors should also feel relaxed while they wait for their turn.

Private rooms for dining and meetings

 Meetings should be behind closed doors. It allows the team to discuss freely without interruptions. Private dining rooms also enable employees to enjoy their meals in peace. It will also prevent them from making their workspace messy and dirty from the food they eat.

Machine wires are well hidden

 There is nothing more annoying than a network of computer and telephone wires creeping all over the office floor. You may trip on them or knock over computers and other machines. Excellent interior design takes care of this problem by hiding them without restraining the movement of the devices in their places.

Aesthetics are relaxing

 Furniture and fixtures besides office desks and chairs add to the overall charm of an office. Interior designers choose pieces that complement the overall design of the office, and lighting that is enough – not too dark, not too bright – so as not to strain employees’ eyes. Being in a well-lit office should not be tiring to the eyes, except of course if you stare at the computer for most of your office hours.

These factors of good office interior design may cost the company a considerable amount, but the productivity that employees will deliver can offset it. Someone said, ‘take care of your employees and your employees will take care of your clients’. One way of taking care of your workers is to provide them with a good working environment through interior design.

Image: Pixabay.com

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