So Google’s questionable street cars have returned in the pub, prepared to collect photos of roads, faceless people and crime for action (and little else!).

Surely all of you remember my absorbing blog publish: Google’s Search engine optimization hampered by investigations?

Okay, well in situation you had been ill or something like that that week Google’s street cars were discovered to be collecting data from wireless connections, that they stated was simple accident though they’ve been charged with dubious intentions. Many people (in many countries) were very upset because Google made a decision to keep information as opposed to just straighten out the issue and discard the collected data.

Lots of apologies and legal threats later, and Google happen to be removed associated with a failing through the Information Commissioner’s Office.

This is actually the bit of win that Google needed, following the demise of Google Wave and also the ongoing development of Facebook. I do not think you have to have a pity party for any business goliath, which is the same.

Google has itself right into a great position with Search engine optimization but appears to become battling using its new initiatives. Pete Cashmore, founding father of, believes that Google’s lack of ability to produce welcoming, simple social networking platforms (Buzz, Wave) is holding it back (And making Mr Zuckerberg happy).

As I have pointed out before, it is just dependent on time before Facebook jumps in to the Search engine optimization game, it already has got the details and preferences of 500 million users. Later on they’ll surely have the ability to tailor search engine results to the people that’ll be a very valued resource.

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