Most people are usually very active when they first start a website; this is because of the excitement of diving into new waters. Sadly, this wears off after some time and they neglect the site. Thus the content in the site becomes old and outdated and in turn reduces the traffic.

Too much or less content

Yes, you need to strike a balance between the too much and not enough content. Engaging your audience requires the right amount of information. Making them read through lengthy posts that are 50% most likely out of context is going to lower your traffic. You need to engage your audience with every word and stay on point. Try not to divert to unnecessary things and mention relatable and important examples only.

Still on the subject of content, ensure you are posting the right stuff. You should always do research on a topic you want to address so that you don’t sway off to irrelevant content. This also helps you in learning about how to reach your online audience.  Don’t always be in a rush to make a post without enough knowledge.

Lack of visual elements

Proper imagery is important. The use of photos and pictures will help in the website look so much better than pure wordings. The visitors would also like good quality images and any other form of imagery. This brightens up the site and makes it look lively.

Lack of credibility

The legitimacy of any business is important in order to earn the trust of your visitors. Internet fraud is a real problem and people have their guard up when visiting new sites. People don’t easily share their contact information unless they really trust or feel secure enough to move forward. Organizing your content, employing consistent themes and colors help in dismissing the likelihood of shadiness. So for people to take you seriously you must appeal to the visitors and establish a relationship. You can also do so by sharing your contact information on how they can reach you in case they experience any problems.


When people get started there is always the drive that pushed them. Ensuring that you keep the thrill and excitement is good for your business. The way you handle things moving forward will be conveyed by your posts and articles. If the visitors don’t feel that energy they will not be receptive.

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