We’re generally surrounded by them. At airports, tram stations, post offices, banks, schools… even little islands of parcel delivery lockers. Here are 6 reasons why lockers help you function everyday.

Lockers have been around for ages. Chances are you had one at school, you may use one now and again if you’re travelling. But lockers seem to be the unsung heroes of many a cities stories. They help us function in our communities, bring us security when we need it, and help us out more often than we realize. We explain the 6 reasons why lockers are more important at keeping our cities, businesses, and homes running more safe and smooth than we realize.

  1. Ideal for kids

Lockers at schools have been shown to benefit children in a variety of ways. From helping prevent back pain and injury, to providing personal security and a sense of independence and responsibility. The use of heavy backpacks has been found to cause innumerable injury and back pain in children of student ages. Giving them a place to stow their belongings during classes reduces this load throughout the day. Lockers are an excellent way for kids to be able to have a secure, and generally personalized space. Something that helps them showcase their own personalities in a world that strives for uniformity. Responsibility is learned when children use their lockers as a hub for decision making, knowing what to take home, what to leave, and what materials will be necessary for the next assigned task makes them better decision makers later on.

  1. Parents love them too

If you’re a parent that has ever travelled with your kids, you are definitely aware of how convenient airport and tram station lockers can be. Juggling children, tickets, food, bathroom breaks, and schedules are hard enough without adding in the extra kilos of everyones luggage. Travel lockers give all travelers, not just us mom’s and dad’s, a secure place to stow our goods until we need to have them with us, giving us the freedom to go about our day and relax during the havoc of a travel day without having to worry about where our stuff is, and who could potentially be messing with it.

  1. Helping you get what you need

Amazon, as well as some of the top shipping companies, have come out with parcel lockers that allow consumers to pick up goods that they have purchased online at any time, 24 hours a day – providing your city is one that has embraced the parcel locker system. Parcel locker systems are popping up all of Europe, Australia, and the United States, to the joy of consumers everywhere. As lifestyles change, the convenience of being able to retrieve your parcel at any given time, and at a place that you designate, cannot be understated. Parcel lockers are changing the way that businesses operate and homes are ran, fitting the busy lives that we all lead these days.

  1. Helping communities function

Some forward thinking cities are using lockers in some incredibly inventive, and caring, ways. While all countries seem to struggle with their own brand of homelessness, cities all over the world are using lockers to give these people a boost up. The homeless and transient communities keep every single vital, personal, and sentimental item they own with them at all times. This includes necessary medication, money, food, water, and priceless possessions that mean the world to them. Having nowhere safe to store these good while they’re working, sleeping, or even tending to basic hygienic needs is something that has not only lead to heartache for them, but even class-action lawsuits for cities. Cities are responding to these needs by instituting large locker systems that allow homeless people to store their goods while they navigate throughout their difficult days. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive in the places where this system has been enacted, that cities across the world have been following suit. Helping our homeless keep their goods safe and secured, while also meeting the needs of other citizens by keeping streets cleaner and safer.

  1. Giving you a peace of mind with security

Banks everywhere have, and have had for years, safety deposit boxes. Possibly the most infamous form of everyday lockers that we use and don’t think about. When it comes to storing priceless items, money, important documents, or anything else that we believe is irreplaceable, you can’t get much safer than a bank locker. Most bank lockers come with insurance against theft, fire, and other hazards. Bank lockers are also generally quite a bit cheaper than any other type of secure locker. On top of complete and total privacy and anonymity with the contents of a bank locker, you can also appoint a friend or family member to operate your locker in your absence, guaranteeing that your possessions are safe and available, even if you can’t access them yourself.

  1. They improve vehicle safety

Lockers are everywhere, even if we don’t really give them much thought. Public transportation systems, like buses and trains, have integrated lockers so that passengers can store their goods and luggage in locked containers that, in the event of a crash or emergency, prevent personal items from becoming flying projectiles, or cluttering exits and walkways. Many of the more extreme forms of recreational vehicles, like Jeeps and Land Rovers, have exterior lockers installed for this same reason, giving you a safe and secure space to store your kit and help prevent it from becoming damaged, or damaging you!

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