Outdoor fountain create a stunning focal point for any patio or garden. They add sophistication to any place. For example, you can amp up your flower garden or offer classic feel to the front door or backyard. Water elements make bold statement and add a tranquil element to the surrounding environment.

Outdoor fountains are diverse and flexible. Make sure to place them in proper area to ensure it stays firm, maintains steady water flow and displays aesthetically pleasing appeal. The placement needs will depend on the kind of fountain and surrounding elements. For example,

  • Wall fountains need to be installed on a solid wall.
  • Pedestal styled fountains need to be placed on levelled surface to avoid it from stumbling.

Fallen branches or leaves from tress close by or water splashing from the fountain needs to be considered, which choosing a place to install. However, you cannot avoid undesired particles to fall in the fountain, so periodic cleaning is needed to avoid unpleasant smells.

Fountain Maintenance Tips

  • Maintain proper water level – Low level causes fountain to dry, damaging or burning the pump. Overfilling fountain with water is also risky, so fill up to 1” below fountain rim.

  • Clean bowl – Empty the bowl and scrub the surface gently after every three months. Read the manual to find out if the fountain needs special cleaning method. Some fountains need filtered water and algae additives to break the accumulation of calcium and mold.
  • Clean pump – Regular pump cleaning ensures steady water flow stream, but even maintains pump lifespan. Before cleaning pump check the detaching and reading method given in the manufacturer’s manual. The pump can be placed in vinegar solution for easy cleaning.
  • Use algaecide – In case you see algae developing in the fountain use algaecide to eliminate it, otherwise the pump may get clogged and get overheated.
  • Products to avoid – Sulfates, chlorides, and bleaches can damage binders, which keeps concrete together, which can cause fountain to crumble, overtime.

  • Replace water – Fountain water needs to be replaced, so as to ensure freshness and cleanliness.
  • Winterize the fountain – As summer ends, it is crucial to winterize fountain for cool months. Freezing climate will make water collected in bowl to freeze. This can cause cracks in the fountain. It is wise to store fountain indoors for maximum protection. If fountain is very large than use fountain cover and stuff fountain bowl with old towels and blankets. Place wood strips below the fountain to avoid freezing from the ground.

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