Plant, farm and construction machinery is extremely valuable, but they are also extremely vulnerable to being stolen, damaged or misused with the result being the plant or machinery no longer works as effectively as they should. In the UK there is plant theft every week, costing around £1 million. Add to that that a high percentage (around 95%) of all vehicles and machinery stolen is never tracked down and recovered, and you can see why it is so important to develop plans and processes that allow you to keep track of all your plant and construction machinery during a project. This adds value to not only a plant hire company, as well as project managers on construction projects large and small, that require the hiring of plant machinery and need to control all aspects of a project.

If you arrive at your construction site one morning to discover that plant or other important vehicles have been stolen during the night, think about the damage this could do to the project. For those vehicles that have not got a GPS tracking device attached to them, or built into the system, you can call the Police of course, but you are very unlikely to recover those stolen goods.

The impact that this can have on a construction project could be fatal. In the immediate short-term it disrupts the tasks at hand that day, with new equipment and vehicles required to replace the missing machinery. That means that a project is immediately behind schedule in terms of the time it takes to work on certain important tasks, as well as over budget due to the requirements for new materials and machinery. It could also impact on your insurance premiums for future construction projects.

For plant that has been designed with a tracking device built-in however, there is a much greater chance of recovering the stolen assets within the first 24 hours of them being taken from your site.

Another benefit to a GPS tracking system is that you can ensure that vehicles and machinery are being used as intended, developing ways of analysing and improving efficiencies during a project, as a result.

Tracking devices in the form of GPS that are attached to plant stock can help you significantly improve the project management of a construction site or any location where you are in need of plant hire or you are looking after numerous machines, equipment and vehicles on a daily basis. Theft is a massive issue within construction, and due to the expensive nature of all types of equipment, plus the tight budgets and deadlines that all project managers face, it is vital that you know where your equipment is at all times. If something is stolen, a tracking device will help you retrieve and recover in order to minimise downtime and disruption and to elicit the assistance of the emergency services. Working alongside a plant hire company that provides tracking devices for all vehicles will assist you greatly in this cause.

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