In order to provide necessary support to any structure, pilings are very useful as they can offer very good support. There are good reasons for choosing pile construction over any other methods as a building with a weak structure or any building which may be too heavy should not be supported by using sand or loose dirt material. For a high-rise building, bridges or water tanks, wood piling can always be preferred.

Following are few reasons why wood house pilings can be a much better choice for foundation work.

  • Long history of good performance

Wood piles are quite well known for very long time as a high-performance material and the city of Venice was also built by using long wood piles of 60 feet length, those buildings exist even today. Therefore, it is still considered as excellent choice as wood pile.

  • Easy to install

In most of the construction projects, this can be installed in least possible time. Installation is not only simpler but quite efficient too. Wood being a lighter material as compared to steel or concrete piles and hence do not need any special equipment for installing.

  • Can be installed speedily

Not only it is easier to install such wood pile but it can be installed much faster too. If you take any other alternative then it may take considerable amount of time.

  • Readily available

Finalizing of design is one of the most frustrating things in any construction work and you need to take lots of time with steel and concrete pile. Wood piles are readily available and can easily be arranged very quickly.

  • Renewable resource

For any eco friendly construction work, wood piles which are made from any fast-growing species of wood that can be easily purchased from any well-known source.

  • Cost effectiveness

Since woods are naturally grown material and easily available at much affordable cost as compared to any other materials. They do not have to go through complicated process of manufacturing.

  • Less dependent on weather

Wood piles are more flexible in many different kinds of weather condition and can be conveniently used during cold weather.

  • Treated for maximum security

Wood piles for foundation are treated with preservatives in order to protect them for many years. If you look at its retention level, you will find that wood piles have three times more retention level than any standard products.

  • Elasticity of wood

In construction it is not necessary to use rigid or strong material rather little flexible material will be better choice for piling and wood piling has that kind of flexibility.

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