Burn-related injuries may perhaps be the most damaging and painful kind of harm that can be sustained by the human body. Despite a multitude of safety standards and regulations aimed at preventing these kinds of accidents, it is still not an uncommon thing for these unfortunate incidents to happen in the workplace. From electrical currents and sparks to flammable and corrosive chemicals, most employees may even be unaware that they are exposed to a variety of dangerous sources of heat.

If left unchecked without proper training for workers or a lack of safety rules enforced, the results can be potentially catastrophic. Preventive measures must always be taken and a detailed outline on what to do in case of a fire hazard emergency is mandatory. Here are a few common types of burn injuries.

  1. Thermal

As its name suggests, thermal burn injuries stem from being in direct contact or exposure with fire, steam, hot surfaces, etc. Accidents involving thermal burns are the most common in the workplace, specifically in kitchens where a lot of these sources of heat are available and can be underestimated and neglected.

  1. Electrical

Electrical burns are the result of electricity travelling through the human body and causing swift if not instantaneous damage. This kind of burn injury is considered as the most dangerous due to the amount of harm that it can cause in a short amount of time and the difficulty in its diagnosis. Not only can it cause significant skin damage, but subdermal harm too. Electrocution cases must be promptly attended to as they can be fatal.

  1. Chemical

Another cause for concern is chemical-related burn injuries, especially in workplaces that are industrial in nature. Eye or skin contact with corrosive chemicals such as acids can have serious consequences, from minor pain to long-term injuries. Proper safety equipment must always be provided and used when handling highly hazardous materials.

What to do

Medical attention should come first and be paramount with any injury that results from burns. Your health and well-being are always the priority after all. Once the physical damage has been treated, the next course of action may be to seek legal advice from an expert. Finding appropriate compensation for burns at work can be as complex as beauty treatment claims, and it’s always better to discuss it with a professional in the field. Even just a brief consultation can be an eye-opener and can give you information on how to proceed.

At the end of the day, it’s important to always stay safe. Even with all the modern medical expertise and equipment available, prevention is still a better than any remedy or cure. It will certainly save you a lot of grief and pain that burn injuries can cause.

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